14 Things that happened during the India Vs South Africa Match. 

MS Dhoni won the toss, yet again. He chose to bat, yet again.

Played the same team, yet again. 

This just explains why he was seen practicing with a coin instead of his bat yesterday. 


MSG! Oops..MCG was packed with over 86,000 fans and yes..34 of them were South African supporters. 


Sharma and Dhawan opened for IND. Dale Steyn opened for SA.

Rahul Dravid opened for the Commentary Box. 

Clearly, the Commentary Box won. 


Rohit Sharma was run out for ZERO. He was disappointed and so were the makers of India’s Got Talent. 

Even Arya Bhatta was disappointed as Talent Sharma scoring a well-played ZERO was just tainting his image in the Maths Wing of Heaven . 


Dale Steyn and Wayne Parnell sported cool new identical hairstyles. 

The identical part also reflected in their bowling figures which were TERRIBLE! 


Shikhar Dhawan scored a century all thanks to Virat Kohli. 

I am glad he did not run him out this time. 


Ajinkya Rahane scored 79 off 60 balls.

He was on fire and so was Dale Steyn’s ass when Rahane walked down the pitch and hit his 145+ delivery for a boundary.

rahane 2

Dhoni hit 3 consecutive boundaries as soon as he came out to bat. 

Indian fans, South African fans, Cricket fans, Bajaj fans said our OLD DHONI is back!

He got out in the next over.  


India reached a grand total of 307-7.

..and well, Sooraj Barjatiya called Salman Khan to cast him in a new film ….


Quinton De Kock came out to bat and went back for a score cheaper than Poonam Pandey’s heroics. 

Meanwhile, Parthiv Patel was HAPPY. He booked his tickets and is planning to move to South Africa forever. 


The Indian fast bowlers were actually bowling fast for a change clocking 140+ regularly. 

Meanwhile, Shoaib Akhtar was thoroughly turned on by their long run up, bowling action and speed. He came at least 4 times. 

turned on gif

South African batting line up struggled throughout their innings. 

They struggled so bad, even Tushaar Kapoor and Uday Chopra felt good about their film careers. 


The ‘Goddess Of Tits and Striptease’ POONAM PANDEY was called in to distract AB DeVilliers. 

Just when #PoonamPandeyKoBulao started trending, the South African batting collapsed and so did most of the clothes from Poonam Pandey’s body.


South Africa was all out for a total of 177. 

It only took them only 3 hours to convert a chant of ‘Mauka Mauka’ to ‘Choke-Aa Choke-Aa’. 



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