Deepika Padukone in the ‘Times Of Cleavage’

On 14th September, ‘India’s so called most read daily’ posted this on their official Twitter page:1

And here’s what they got in return:


Thus began a series of events, the newspaper would wish to forget right away!

Here are 10 things that kicked off from Deepika’s instant outrage:

1. People started hating this TOI act; labelled it as ‘Ridiculous Journalism’.

All that aside, the followers of @TOIEntertainment and @DeepikaPadukone increased by a huge margin…instantly.

2. People came out in support of Deepika, with tweets using #IStandWithDeepikaPadukone

They turned all this into a ‘RESPECT FOR WOMEN’ movement.

(Though most of them would still stare at a woman’s cleavage or at least point it out to 7 friends nearby.)


3. Celebrities, people-who-were-famous-65 years ago, those desperate to grab the limelight, those desperate for re-tweets and stupid people (in general) wrote tweets supporting and applauding Deepika for her courage and stand!

…And she re-tweeted almost everyone who wrote good things about her and criticised TOI in any way. (even Ravi Kishan got a retweet.)

Le Lo Le Lo Retweet Le Lo
Le Lo Le Lo Retweet Le Lo

4. TOI’s cheesy reply got a lot of backlash. Some people asked if they were high on ecstasy or some simply preferred to call them Cheap.


5. TOI immediately (precisely 62 mins later) deleted their tweet and might have also asked for 17 resignations or fired these employees or tweeted about their cleavage (fair chance) ;)

Social Media Agencies all over India started contacting their Business Development teams to get rolling with a pitch presentation for TOI.

6. Many called it cheap publicity to promote Finding Fanny.

And of course, the Book My Show website crashed immediately!


7. The term ‘Deepika Cleavage’ was Googled. A lot.

Many images criticising her, for the sizzling shots of her out-of-this-world-supremely-stunning-jaw-dropping-eye-popping bust and a Goddess-like body floated on Twitter.

Unfortunately, the cleavage of Tusshar Kapoor was also discussed. 


8. People following Deepika ‘Respect-Women-You-Cheap-Vulgar-Newspaper-I-Feel-Blessed-To-Be-On-The-Front-Page-Of’ Padukone got to see a long string of re-tweets from her account, as they scrolled their TLs.

Some of them got so bored reading the same rehashed sentiments about one actress, they deleted Twitter from their phones. 

For Realsies!

9. Deepika Padukone’s PR team had to sacrifice their Sunday, thanks to the conversations sparked by the beautiful assets their client possessed. Also, employees handling the newspaper’s social media vowed never to watch Deepika Padukone films.

Unfortunately, they happened to come across the trailer of ‘Happy New Year’ and marked the date.

10. And as always, people on Twitter made sure they were rambling about a topic they didn’t really care about; but expressed opinions, in favour of and based on a few tweets they came across.

Umm… I am not sure if I will get to read the TOI tomorrow.

All I can say is, “Ek chutki tweet ki keemat bahut bhaari pad gayi TOI Babu”. 


(I wrote this article on 16th SEP, 2014 for

Here’s the link-


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