Akhilesh Yadav and his LOVE for Torrents!

Akhilesh Yadav loved PK. He made it tax-free in UP. Isn’t that great?

He said, “A lot of people were after me to watch PK. So, I downloaded it finally and watched it. It’s a good film”.

Ignore everything I just said, Akhilesh Yadav – CM of Uttar Pradesh is one of us. He downloads movies from the many torrent websites which include Kickass, Extratorrents, YIFY, Torrentz, you name it.

Ladies & Gentllemen...What a Playa!
What a Playa..Ladies & Gentlemen! WHAT A PLAYA!

Here’s a pictorial story of how Akhilesh Yadav fell in love with the internet’s greatest gift to mankind – Online Piracy!

One Torrent to Rule Them All!

It was a bright Sunday Morning in Kannauj, UP when Mulayam Singh Yadav called his son, Akhilesh and said,

“Suna hai yeh uTorrent kamaal ki cheej hai. Zara infaarmaesun nikalo”.


He did a lot of research while jeopardising his political career and figured out how uTorrent works. One day, it struck him.

 “Pappa barabar bole, yeh uTorrent toh bhaukaal machaane waali cheej hai hai bey”.


He wanted to start his illegal-movie-downloading-career with a movie which I am quite sure was released, ILLEGALLY. #BestFilmEver

pic-deshdrohiObviously, needed some help. His chuddy buddies came to his aid.

 “Bhaiyya…iss waale ka seeder zyada hai. Speed milega. Dabado DOWNLOAD”.


This was his face when he realised he wouldn’t have to spend moolah on watching movies at Chandan Cinema anymore. #Paaardyy

“Ab Dimple ko picture dikhane ka kharcha khatam”.


His father was very proud him. He said the following wise words at an event…

“Tum sab boodbakt ho…paisa bachana koi Akhiless se seekhon.

Torrent lagao, Paisa bhachao!”


Akhilesh started downloading film after film – TV Show after TV show – Na..No Songs. He even upgraded his internet speed.

“Unlimited downloads at 50 MBPS, yeh hui na baat!”


“300 ka Blu Ray, 30 minute mein download kiya. Kyaa baat hai”


There came a time when he started speaking about torrents and downloads at his rallies.

“Agar achche print ki film chahiye toh sirf YIFY torrent se download karein”


He would call his wife in the middle of important events to discuss crucial tasks.

“Suno…Avengers download pe rakhi hai.

Complete hote hi stop kardo. Seeding karne ki koi zaroorat nahin hai”


He was always there to drop precious advise on amateur torrent downloaders. Sometimes, not in a sweet way.

“Chutiye jab 30000 leecher aur 8000 seeder thhey…toh picture download kyun ki?”


He congratulated his friends who had become really good at this torrent business.

Akhilesh Yadav congratulating Manmohan Singh for downloading ‘Gone Girl – 720 P’ in just 2 minutes.


Even when he met his favorite actors, he only spoke about their films he downloaded.

“Bhai…KICK FULL HD mein dekhi…dil khush ho gaya”


There came a time when his press conferences would go like this…

Reporter: Kya aap PORN download karte ho?

Akhilesh: Ji nahin maine aaj tak PORN download nahi kiya, online hi stream kar leta hoon. Pornhub pe!


He wanted entire Uttar Pradesh to grow with him & reap the benefits of online piracy. So, he distributed laptops.

“Iss laptop mein uTorrent already installed hoga, Kickass aur YIFY torrent bookmarked hoga aur iske saath Reliance internet ka 21 MBPS wala dongle muft mein milega”.

Akhilesh Bhaiyya Zindabad!

Not 9 or 10…lots of them. Lots and LOTS of them. *WINK*

“Ek Ghar. Ek Laptop. 100 Downloads.”

Samajwadi Party's Laptop Distribution Function In Ghaziabad
UP mein HP. Kya baat!

He created a neat barter system to govern the state…

“PK download mat karna, hum se le lena.

Par Happy New Year ka DVD RIP de dena humein”.


…and then he gave the world a quote that shall go down as the most inspiring quote in the history of reworded inspiring quotes,

“Agar DOWNLOAD karega India, tabhi toh AAGE badhega India”


To all those who seeded their downloads, he had 5 words for them,


312-Akhilesh Yadav

He downloaded his films & lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Yeh ARTICLE read karne ke liye bhi DHANYABAAD!

#OMGWolverineJackman #JustForTheGirlsOutHere #AndGuysToo
#JustForTheGirlsOutHere #AndGuysToo #PleaseSponsorUsMicromax

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